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What We Do For You?

Empower Your Child's Success through Family Engagement: At LEARN, we value strong family-school partnerships to prepare students for a successful life. With our dedicated resources and support, your child's confidence, motivation, and overall academic success will soar towards a bright future.

Parent's involvement in their child’s academic journey is key for them to succeed.

Our team at LEARN wants to support you and your family on that journey!

We have carefully curated a library of resources aimed at assisting families in fostering their child’s academic growth and achievement. Within this section, you will find a wide range of valuable materials, including subject-specific support for elementary and secondary levels, helpful How-Tos, and practice self-tests in math and science tailored to high school students. We are confident that the educational tools and materials available on this site will be invaluable in supporting your child’s learning journey. Explore our collection and empower your child with the tools they need to thrive academically.

Discover a Wealth of Educational Resources for Supporting Your Child’s Success

Family Resources

Each new year is a chance to engage in learning opportunities, not just for students, but for parents as well. Family engagement is critically important to student achievement.

Why is family engagement so important to a child’s development?

According to research, higher grades and test scores, improved social skills and even higher graduation rates are just some of the benefits of strong family engagement in a child’s education.

Experts also mention that the community can play a significant role as well. 

Did You Know?

Parent and family workshops are available through online platforms (live virtual events, webinars, video conferences) as well as in person throughout the network of CLC schools.

LEARN Tutoring

LEARN Tutoring provides online tutoring and homework help appointments, at no charge. Our online tutors are fully qualified Quebec teachers, experienced in tutoring, review and consolidation. We work directly with elementary (gr. 2 and up) and secondary students, and their families.

Partner Resources

The success of your child depends on your involvement in their education. Open this section to read a list of our partner organizations working to help families!

Success Stories

Discover the Impact of our LEARN Tutoring Services: Unveiling the Insights and Results that Shape Our Service!

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